Display settings

On this page, we’re putting together a list of display settings that are needed or preferred for each language. If your language isn’t represented, or if the information is incomplete in some way, please edit it or add to it. Some tips for developers are available at the developers/styling guidelines.

For many languages written in Latin scripts without diacritics, the default settings are probably OK.

List the fonts in order of preference, even if they are not widely available. Browsers will take the first font in the list that is available. If a certain glyph (character) is not available, it will continue in the list trying to find a font to display the glyph. Please specify your choice of Serif or Sans with the font name where relevant.

If a font-size adjustment is necessary to display your language readably, input it as a percentage relative to 100% (e.g. 130% for a size of 30% larger than the default). Input a percentage which should create a font size equally readable with the ordinary Latin script at the default size. Remember to take your resolution, browser settings, etc. into account. Your browser’s setting for the minimum font size should override a smaller font size, so please make sure your browser preferences don’t overrule what you specify here.

Underlining hyperlinks is a common practice, but a nuisance for some languages, especially those which have a diacritic or mark of some kind underneath the character. Indicate the ideal link-decoration for your language. If underlines don’t work, perhaps overlines do, or links becoming bold when the mouse hovers over them. Colour-specific decoration is probably not ideal here. In any case, the mouse in your browser will usually change to a hand when it passes over a link, so links don’t have to be marked otherwise.

If your language uses a different number system (such as many languages from the middle and far east), you can indicate it. Please indicate if not all readers of the language prefer the number system (like for Arabic).

If you need to specify another setting, add a column to this table and input the information. To specify the special characters for your language that Pootle should provide during editing, see Special characters.

ISO English name Fonts in order of preference Font size adjustment Hyperlink decoration RTL Number system
ar Arabic Tahoma, Nazli, DejaVu Sans     Yes Some prefer Arabic-Indic digits
bn Bengali FreeSans, Muktinarrow, Vrinda 110%, line-heigt:120% ? No
fa Persian Terafik, Traffic, Roya, Nazli, Nazanin, sans 120%   Yes Eastern-Indic digits
el Greek Dejavu     No  
he Hebrew       Yes  
ks Kashmir       Yes  
ps Pashtu       Yes  
ru Russian DejaVu Sans, Liberation Sans, FreeSans, Sans     No support dashes and hyphens properly
ug Uyghur UKIJ Tuz Tom, Alkatip, Uyghur Ekran, Tahoma, Segoe UI, Microsoft Uighur     Yes  
ur Urdu Nafees Nastalique, Nafees Web Naskh     Yes  
vi Vietnamese Lucida Grande, Vu Phu Tho, URWVN fonts, DejaVu Sans None No underline, no overline, change colour on hover No Arabic digits, comma is decimal separator, dot is thousands separator
yi Yiddish       Yes  
zh Chinese   120% Underline No  
fr French Arial     Yes