Pootle 2.9 release notes

Not yet released

Welcome to Pootle 2.9!

If you want to try it, check one of the following:


  • Django>=1.10.8,<1.11
  • Pootle FS is enabled by default:
    • All projects are now handled by Pootle FS.
    • When creating new projects:
      • It is mandatory to set filesystem configuration right after creating it,
      • Pootle no longer automatically imports translations from disk,
      • Pootle no longer creates project directory on disk if missing,
      • Name for templates in disk is now configurable.
    • When adding new languages to a project:
      • Pootle no longer tries to first import existing translations from disk,
      • Pootle initializes the new languages using the templates in the database.
    • Merged previously separated forms for handling Pootle FS specific settings of projects into other existing forms:
      • Merged project’s Pootle FS backend configuration into project form.
      • Merged project’s languages mapping configuration into project’s languages form.
  • Several bugfixes for Pootle FS:
    • Fix handling of obsolete and unsynced units,
    • Allow to sync to empty file,
    • Several fixes for initializing new languages from templates,
    • When language mappings change now the disk files that are tracked are immediately detected,
    • Fix for correctly stage filesystem overwrite on conflict,
    • Adjustments in migrations.
  • Serialization:
    • Don’t cache on serialization,
    • Allow serializing obsolete units,
    • Serialization and sync bugfixes.
  • Editor:
    • No longer shows red background if all critical checks are muted.
    • Don’t redirect to browse view after translating last unit unless all previous units have been translated.
  • Improved performance on permissions forms by using a live search field for users.
  • Fixed issues with variables in translations.
  • Updated UI language discovery to try simpler language codes before trying a fallback.
  • Limited several text fields in the models to 4096 characters.
  • Overall documentation review and updates.

Command changes and additions

  • pootle command can now be run with no VIRTUAL_ENV environment variable set.
  • sync_stores:
    • Has been deprecated in favor of Pootle FS commands,
    • Can now work with projects managed by Pootle FS,
    • Warns if there is any conflict between disk and database changes,
    • The --force and --overwrite arguments no longer have any effect in the command execution.
  • update_stores:
    • Has been deprecated in favor of Pootle FS commands,
    • Can now work with projects managed by Pootle FS,
    • The --force argument no longer has any effect in the command execution.
  • Removed changed_languages command. Use list_languages instead.
  • Added --yes argument to init command.


This release was made possible by the following people:

Ryan Northey, Leandro Regueiro, Dwayne Bailey, Taras Semenenko, boite.

And to all our bug finders, testers and translators, a Very BIG Thank You.