Pootle Development Roadmap

This is the Pootle roadmap for the next few iterations. Don’t look here for small improvements, we’re only tracking larger bits of work.

Estimated release April 2014

  • Move to Django 1.5/1.6 – remove anything keeping us on Django 1.4.
  • Live cross project Translation Memory.
  • Stats speedup – work on Stats speedups.
  • Concordance searching.
  • amaGama – automate updating of resources.
  • Translation editor improvements:
    • Highlight placeable – terms, variables and other things in source text and allow them to be copied easily using the keyboard.
    • Live Quality Assurance checks – at the moment these happen after the translation editor has left the unit, performing them while editing will help to reduce errors.
  • Developer centric changes:
    • Adding a UI test framework.
    • Automatic tests for most important parts of Pootle to prevent the risk of regressions.
  • Mozilla specific features:
    • Proper plural forms handling in Pootle for Firefox Desktop.
    • Integration of compare-locale errors to the translator error page.
  • Contributions by a translator to a given project and language.

Estimated release October 2014

  • Substring matching in TM.
  • Variable abstraction so that we can leverage translations from other projects that might not match because of differences in variables placeable e.g. %s vs &brandShortName;.
  • Management statistical reporting – project, language and user statistical reporting.
  • A dashboard (health report) that allows l10n managers to check on the health of a language.
  • Social interventions:
    • Social sharing of projects, strings, etc for community building and community input.
    • Social/Persona authentication to make it easier for users to login and contribute.
    • OpenBadges – implement badges to reward team members contributions.
  • Team review of translations.
  • Easing team management:
    • Improve our rights display.
    • Request a new language.
    • Request to join a translation team.

Sometime in the future

Things we’d love to do sooner but they are hard or need a sponsor.

  • Get rid of actions for pushing, merging and retrieving translations. Do these actions in the background with no human intervention at all to reduce errors, improve scale.
  • Manage all setup from version control files.
  • Monoligual files – make Pootle work more reliably directly on monolingual files.