In default Pootle installations, an admin account (the password matches the username) is created with superuser privileges which can be used to administer the whole site.


It’s highly recommended that you change the password for the default admin account on your first login, or even delete the account and assign superuser rights to another user.

Administration scope

Users with administration privileges will have an extra Admin element within the main navigation bar, which gives direct access to the administration functions of the site.

Administrators can change the general settings for the site (such as the server title or description), as well as add, edit, and remove users, languages, and translation projects. They are also able to define the default permissions that will apply to the whole site unless otherwise noted.

Apart from that, administrators have full rights over all the translation projects, so they can do whatever can be done: translate, suggest, upload new files, update VCS checkouts, ...

Adding new site administrators

If you want to assign site administration permissions to an already existing user, just go to the Users tab within the Administration page, check the Superuser status checkbox for the user you want to make administrator and click on Save Changes. That’s all!

Language administrators

Administration rights can be delegated for all tasks within a language. This allows the language administrator to set permissions in the language, set permissions in certain projects in the language, manage files, etc.

To appoint a language administrator, visit the language page, and add the administration right on the Permissions tab.