Caching System

Pootle uses a caching system to improve performance. It is an essential part of your Pootle installation. It is based on Django’s caching system, and is used for various things:

Without a well functioning cache system, Pootle could be slow.

Named Caches

Pootle is configured with a these named caches:

  • 'default' – all non specified cache data and all cache data.
  • 'stats' – all cached data related to overview stats.

In large installations you may want to setup separate caches to improve cache performance. You can then setup caching parameters for each cache separately.

Cache Backends

Django supports multiple cache backends (methods of storing cache data). However, Redis is the only cache backend supported by Pootle. We use some custom features of Redis so cannot support other backends. You can customise the Redis cache settings by overriding the value of CACHES in your configuration file, an example exists in file:90-local.conf.sample.