Front-end Development

Parts of Pootle front-end development require a Node.js run-time and packages installed via npm. This is only the case for developing or building Pootle.

Setting Things Up

In order to setup the front-end development enviroment, it’s necessary to have Node.js installed. Please check the installation instructions for your OS.


If you are using versions provided by you system then you need at least npm >= v1.4.3 for installation to work correctly. To upgrade, use [sudo] npm install npm@latest -g.

Once Node.js is available, Pootle dependencies need to be installed.

$ cd pootle/static/js
$ npm install

This will read the package.json file and install the development dependencies.

Building Scripts

Simply run:

(env) $ pootle webpack --dev

This will make sure to build all the necessary scripts and create the relevant bundles with source maps support. It will also watch for changes in scripts so you don’t need to constantly be running this.

For creating a production-ready build, use:

(env) $ pootle webpack

This will also run the output through UglifyJS, making the output build considerably lighter in size.

Note that this step is also done as part of the make assets command, so you may only want to run the latter.