Quality checks

Pootle provides a powerful way of reviewing translations for quality. It exposes most of the pofilter checks that can check for several issues that can affect the quality of your translations.

If Pootle indicates a possible problem with a translation, it doesn’t mean that the translation is necessarily wrong, just that you might want to review it. Pootle administrators should indicate the correct project type (GNOME, KDE, Mozilla, etc.) in the administration pages. This will improve the accuracy of the quality checks.

Critical checks are prominently displayed through the browsing UI.


Any extra failing checks can be accessed by clicking the icon expand stats icon button located below the navigation breadcrumbs. Clicking on the name of a check will step you through the translations that fail that check.

While in the translation editor, submissions resulting in critical failing checks will be immediately reported, preventing you from automatically continuing until the issues have been resolved or muted as false positives by using the mute icon block icon button. Non-critical checks flag potential problems but can be ignored or muted as needed.


To understand the meaning of each check, Pootle displays the failing checks right on top of the submission button, with a link to the online documentation. You can also read the detailed descriptions of the pofilter checks.

Muting Quality Checks

It is possible to mute the quality check if the translation is correct. Reviewers are able to remove the check for a certain string, by clicking on the icon block icon button, to indicate that the string is correctly translated. This avoids having to review the same check multiple times. You can unmute any muted check using the icon block muted icon button.

If the source text of the translation is changed then the mute is discarded to ensure that the new translation is checked again for any possible issues.