User permissions

There are several rights which can be assigned to users or to a group of users, such as to all logged in users. The default site-wide permissions are configured by the server administrator. These are the permissions that will be used in each project unless other permissions are configured.

Permissions precedence

Permissions can be customized server-wide, per-language, per-project or language/project combination (translation project).

Permissions apply recursively, so server-wide permissions will apply to all languages and projects unless there is a more specific permission. Language permission applies to all translation projects under that language, etc.

Special users

Pootle has two special users, nobody and default, which are used to assign permissions to more than one user at once. The user nobody represents any non-logged in user, and default represents any logged in user.

If a user has permissions assigned to her user account they override any default permissions even those applied to more specific objects (i.e. a user who has specific rights on a language will override default rights on translation projects).

Server administrators can be specified in the users page of the admin section. Server administrators have full rights on all languages and projects and override all permissions.

Available permissions

Access Permissions

Access rights can be set server-wide or for projects. Bear in mind that when limiting access to projects the permissions affect to all the languages available in the project.

Gives access to a project.
Forbids access to a project.

Action Permissions

Permissions restricting actions can be set server-wide, per language, or language-project combination:

The right to suggest a translation for a specific string, also implies the right to upload file using suggest only method.
The right to review the suggested translations and accept or reject them, as well as the right to reject false positive quality checks
The right to supply a translation for a specific string or to replace the existing one. This implies the right to upload files using the merge method.
The right to administrate the project or language including administer permissions and delegating rights to users (this is not the same as the site administrator)

Permissions interface

Users with administrative rights for projects, languages or translation projects can access the permissions interface by selecting “Permissions” in the navigation dropdown on the project, language or translation project browsing pages.


Pootle administrators will find the default permissions interface on the administration page, at the “Permissions” tab, where they can set server-wide permissions.

The current rights are listed as they are assigned. The user “nobody” refers to any user that is not logged in (an anonymous, unidentified user). The user “default” refers to the rights that all logged in users will have by default, unless other specific rights were assigned to them. The rest of the users are users of the Pootle server for which non-default rights were assigned.

Changing permissions

In the list of permissions, you can simply select which rights must be assigned to each user by picking new permissions or unassigning them. Changes will be updated when you submit the form.


Adding a user

To set permissions for a specific user, select the user in the dropdown list and set the specific rights for that user. This is only necessary if the user does not yet have their own set of rights defined.

Removing a user

To reset some user’s rights to the default rights, select the “Delete” tick box next to their name and permissions list. When you submit, their rights will be reset to the default rights.


A user with administrative rights can remove his own administrative rights.