Static Pages

Pootle makes it easy to setup additional custom content without too much effort.

There are three types of static pages:

  1. Regular – these work like normal web pages and are able to present additional content such as a “Getting Started” page. You will want to add these into other UI customisation.
  2. Legal – in addition to presenting content like a Regular page, Legal pages require that users agree to the content otherwise they are logged off the system. Use these pages for presenting terms of service or changes in licensing terms that user must accept before they can use or continue to use Pootle.
  3. Announcements – these appear in the sidebar and can present special instructions about projects. If you change these pages then they will be presented to users on their next visit. Announcements can also make use of link rewriting to allow URLs to vary based on the language being browsed.

Use Admin – Static Pages to create and manage static pages.

The static pages are by default formatted using HTML. But you can use Markdown or RestructuredText by setting POOTLE_MARKUP_FILTER correctly.

Special features of announcement pages

Naming your slug

When creating an announcement page use a slug projects/$project so that the page will be used on the $project project.

Other slug names may be used:

  • $lang - for an announcement page that will appear on every single project enabled for the $lang languages.
  • $lang/$project - for an announcement page that is specific to the $project project in the $lang language.

The prefered model though is to use the projects/$project convention for a single easy-to-maintian page.