The Translate Toolkit is able to process Markdown files using the md2po converter.


  • Uses the CommonMark-compliant mistletoe parser.

  • Capable of handling nested containers, such as lists in lists, and other esoteric Markdown features.

  • Aims to extract all content relevant for translation, at the cost of also including some formatting. For example, *phrase emphasis* and `inline code` is included in the text to be translated. More bulky inline content, such as inline HTML and autolinks, are replaced with placeholders {1}, {2}, etc.

  • Aims to preserve formatting as far as possible. But since the formatting is lost with the PO format, it is likely that you will want to reflow (word wrap) the translated Markdown. The po2md converter has an option to do that.

  • Hard line breaks in the Markdown appear as hard line breaks in the translation units (PO files), and vice versa.

  • Does not translate embedded HTML.

  • Does not perform any checks that the translated text has the same formatting as the source.