Gettext .mo

The Gettext .mo (Machine Object) file is a compiled Gettext PO file. In execution Gettext enabled programs retrieve translations from the .mo file. The file contains arrays for the English and the translations, an optional hash can speed up the access to the translations.


The toolkit can create .mo files from PO or XLIFF files, handling plurals and msgctxt. It can also read .mo files, allowing counting, etc and also allowing the .mo files to act as a translation memory.

Changed in version 1.2: The hash table is also generated (the Gettext .mo files works fine without it). Due to slight differences in the construction of the hashing, the generated files are not identical to those generated by msgfmt, but they should be functionally equivalent and 100% usable. Issue 326 tracked the implementation of the hashing. The hash is platform dependent.