Translate Toolkit 3.3.0

Released on 4 January 2021

This release contains improvements and bug fixes.


Formats and Converters

  • HTML
    • Add support for single PO file in po2html and html2po
  • MO
    • Fixed writing out plurals
    • Performance improvements
    • Strip POT-Creation-Date for reproducible builds
    • Ensure xml:space=”preserve” is set when updating target
    • Improved parsing performance
    • Set language on all file nodes
  • CSV
    • Complete test for location/context parsing
  • JSON
    • Improved handling of newly added keys to list
    • Fix serializing files with list as root element
  • Properties
    • Fix redundant new lines
  • Subtitles
    • Added support for aeidon 1.9
  • RC
    • Use code_page #pragma to detect encoding
  • TMX
    • Gracefully handle invalid chars
  • Wordfast
    • Fixed processing multiple files in single process


  • Major cleanups
    • Removed statsdb
  • Cleanup and coding style
    • Remove not necessary conversion from bytes
    • Apply pyupgrade hints
    • Remove not needed variables for return
    • Use black for code formatting
  • Tests
    • Improve tests coverage
    • Collect coverage reports from functional tests
  • Python versions
    • Add support for Python 3.9 (no code changes were needed)


This release was made possible by the following people:

Michal Čihař, Anders Kaplan, Jean-Baptiste Holcroft, Simon Urli