Translate Toolkit 1.12.0-rc1

Not yet released

This release contains many improvements and bug fixes. While it contains many general improvements, it also specifically contains needed changes and optimizations for the upcoming Pootle 2.6.0 and Virtaal releases.

It is just over X months since the last release and there are many improvements across the board. A number of people contributed to this release and we’ve tried to credit them wherever possible (sorry if somehow we missed you).

Highlighted improvements

Major changes

  • Properties and DTD formats fix a number of issues
  • Massive code cleanup looking forward Python 3 compatibility
  • Important changes in development process to ease testing

Formats and Converters

  • Mozilla properties
    • The \uNN characters are now properly handled
    • Fixed conversion of successive Gaia plural units in prop2po
  • DTD
    • Underscore character is now a valid character in entity names


  • Misc docs cleanups

...and loads of general code cleanups and of course many many bugfixes.


This release was made possible by the following people:


And to all our bug finders and testers, a Very BIG Thank You.