Importing translations


Please make sure that the amagama-manage command is accessible.

To populate the amaGama database the amagama-manage command build_tmdb subcommand should be used:

$ amagama-manage build_tmdb --verbose -s en -t ar -i foo.po
Importing foo.po
Succesfully imported foo.po

This will parse foo.po, assuming that source language is English (en) and target language is Arabic (ar), and will populate the database accordingly.

The source and target language options only need to be specified if the file does not provide this information. But if source and target language options are specified they will override the languages metadata in the translation file.

All bilingual formats supported by the Translate Toolkit are supported, including PO, TMX and XLIFF.

If a directory is passed to the -i option, then its content will be read recursively:

$ amagama-manage build_tmdb --verbose -s en -t gl -i translations/
Importing translations/foo.po
Importing translations/bar.po
Succesfully imported translations/