Integrating amaGama with Virtaal

Virtaal has a plugin for the public amaGama server since version 0.7 and it is enabled by default.

amaGama implements the same protocol as tmserver, and can be used with Virtaal’s remotetm plugin, or other software that supports this.

In Virtaal go to Edit ‣ Preferences ‣ Plugins ‣ Translation Memory ‣ Configure to make sure the remote server plugin is enabled and then close Virtaal.

Edit ~/.virtaal/tm.ini and make sure there is a remotetm section that looks like this:

host = localhost
port = 8888


If you are going to use a remote amaGama server this setting needs to be changed accordingly.

Run Virtaal again. You should start seeing results from amaGama (they will be marked as coming from remotetm).