Using PO editing tools

You need a PO editor to edit PO files which is the main format used by Free Software, it is also the format the the Translate Toolkit uses when converting Mozilla and files for editing

There are a few PO editing tools available. Your choice really depends on which platform you are running:

Other alternatives

You may be able to use a text editor to edit PO files, since they are text:

  • vi – You can use the vi editor. It includes syntax highlighting, but you might want to check if there is a newer version
  • emacs – The Emacs editor has a PO mode for editing PO files.

Or you can try to convert and/or use another format:

  • CSV – You can use a Spreadsheet to edit PO files that have been converted into CSV. It works quite well but is not highly recommended if you have good access to a PO editor listed above.
  • XLIFF – This is an emerging translation interchange standard. We will see much more available in this format, convertors are being created to move PO files to Xliff and a number of editors both GPL and commercial are being made available. A short report on XLIFF support for MS Windows.