Pootle 2.1.2 Released including security fix

Released on 15 Nov 2010


This release includes an important security fix to a cross site scripting vulnerability in the translate page. All users are encouraged to upgrade immediately.

The release also includes many improvements to the support of monolingual translation formats (like subtitles files and Java properties) and to “GNU style” projects.

We also bring you translations for five new language (Zulu, Greek, Danish, Acoli and Fulah) and six more translations are now 100% complete (Uighur, Chinese (China), Catalan, Asturian, Akan and Ganda).

Highlighted fixed and improvements:

Pootle 2.1.1 depends on at least version 1.8.0 of Translate Toolkit, and as always will benefit from fixes in any later versions. so always use the latest.

This work was made possible by many volunteers and our funders: