Pootle 2.1.3 released

Released on 26 Nov 2010

It’s been less than three weeks since the we released Pootle 2.1.2 but we’ve fixed a couple of critical bugs affecting many users so it’s time for another bug fix release. Please welcome Pootle 2.1.3

Pootle is a web based system for translation and translation management.

This release includes a fix to a data loss bug, where recent translations are lost when updating from version control. Users who depend on version control support are encouraged to upgrade immediately.

We’ve added support for CSV format. This will hopefully make it easier for less technical users to get their strings inside Pootle by exporting from spreadsheet or similar office software. But it should not be treated as a replacement for more solid formats like PO, Qt ts or XLIFF.

By popular demand we’ve improved Java properties support to accept properties files in any encoding. including UTF-8.

Improved format support depends on the recently release Translate Toolkit 1.8.1

We also bring you translations for Chiga and Latvian.

Apart from that, version 2.1.2 has many bug fixes. Here are the highlights:

As always Pootle will benefit from fixes in any the latest versions of Translate Toolkit, the recently released 1.8.1 includes many fixes specifically for Pootle 2.1.3 so upgrading translate toolkit is highly recommended.