Welcome to the new Pootle 2.7.1 final

Released on 18 September 2015

Bugfix release for 2.7.0.

Changes in Requirements

  • Django >= 1.7.10, < 1.8
  • Translate Toolkit >= 1.13.0
  • Python >= 2.7, < 3.0
  • Redis >= 2.8.4
  • Django transaction hooks
  • Unix-based operating system.

Major Changes

  • Updated translations.
  • Added django-transaction-hooks
  • Changed user delete behaviour
  • Lots of command changes and additions
  • Improved upload

Below we provide much more detail. These are by no means exhaustive, view the git log for complete information.

Details of changes

Translation statistics

  • Last activity snippets for stats are not kept in the cache anymore. The markup is now built on the client. This requires refreshing all server stats using the refresh_stats command (issue 3835).
  • Renamed refresh_stats_rq command to refresh_stats. The old refresh_stats command is now gone.
  • POT files are no longer included in the translations stats. This allows to achieve a 100% translation status for a project if all the languages are completely translated.
  • Fixed issue with empty directories preventing stats from being fully calculated.
  • Public virtual folders with pending suggestions are now always displayed.

Django transaction hooks

  • To ensure async jobs are scheduled at the correct time django-transaction-hooks is now required. This dependency will be unnecessary once Django 1.9 becomes Pootle’s minimum requirement.
  • You must update your database connection to use one of the django-transaction-hooks backends:
    • mysql: transaction_hooks.backends.mysql
    • postgres: transaction_hooks.backends.postgresql_psycopg2

Changed user delete behaviour

On deleting a user account their submissions, suggestions and reviews are now re-assigned to the “nobody” user.

If you wish to remove the user’s contributions also, you can use the purge_user command, or call user.delete(purge=True) to delete the user programatically.

File uploads

  • The uploading user now receives the credit for the upload.
  • Handling of upload errors have been improved, displaying more useful messages now.
  • In case of upload conflict the new translations are turned into suggestions.

Command changes and additions

  • Added a contributors command to get the list of contributors (issue 3867).
  • Added a find_duplicate_emails command to find duplicate emails.
  • Added a merge_user command to get merge submissions, comments and reviews from one user account to another. This is useful for fixing users that have multiple accounts and want them to be combined. No profile data is merged. By default it removes the original user account after successful merge.
  • Added a purge_user command to purge a user from the site and revert any submissions, comments and reviews that they have made. This is useful to revert spam or a malicious user.
  • Added a verify_user command to automatically verify a user account
  • Renamed refresh_stats_rq command to refresh_stats, replacing the old command of the same name. refresh_stats is able to calculate the stats for disabled projects (old refresh_stats_rq was unable to do it).
    • Errata: the removal of the old refresh_stats has removed the following options:
      • --calculate-checks and --check – Use calculate_checks instead.
      • --calculate-wordcount
  • Added a update_user_email command to update a user’s email address.
  • Added a --no-rq option to run commands in a single process without using RQ workers.
  • Now it is possible specify the parameters to set up your database directly through init command.


  • Editor now request confirmation before navigating away from modified units in order to prevent data loss. This also includes non-saved comments. Going to the previous, next, and a specific unit will trigger the prompt, as well as changing filters or searching. It is also triggered by typing a different URL, reloading the page or closing the browser window.
  • Fixed issue that didn’t allow users with only just suggestion rights to send suggestions.
  • Suggestion related events are now displayed on the timeline.
  • Critical and not critical failing checks are now displayed separately in the editor.
  • Potential errors when managing the suggestions are now displayed to users.
  • Fixed a regression that prevented users from rejecting their own suggestions even if they don’t have enough permissions to reject suggestions.

Misc changes

  • Disabled projects are visually differentiated in the projects drop-down (issue 3996). Since the in-cache data structure supporting this changed, it’s necessary to clear the cache. Assuming your default cache lives in the DB number 1, you can clear it as follows:

    $ redis-cli -n 1 KEYS "*method-cache:Project:cached_dict:*" | xargs redis-cli -n 1 DEL
  • Admins can now always see and navigate disabled projects.

  • Pulled latest translations.

  • Scores now include suggestions.

  • A link is now displayed on the sidebar so admin users can quickly edit the announcements.

  • Now previously hidden errors during login and sign up are displayed to the user.

  • Improved usage of system checks so sysadmins get better feedback on whether something is wrong with Pootle.

…and lots of refactoring, new tests, cleanups, improved documentation and of course, loads of bugs were fixed.


This release was made possible by the following people:

Julen Ruiz Aizpuru, Ryan Northey, Taras Semenenko, Leandro Regueiro, Dwayne Bailey, Jerome Leclanche, Kevin Scannell, Daniel Widerin.

And to all our bug finders, testers and translators, a Very BIG Thank You.