Welcome to the new Pootle 2.7.2 final

Released on 22 September 2015

Bugfix release for 2.7.1.

Changes in Requirements

  • Django >= 1.7.10, < 1.8
  • Translate Toolkit >= 1.13.0
  • Python >= 2.7, < 3.0
  • Redis >= 2.8.4
  • Django transaction hooks
  • Unix-based operating system.

Major Changes

  • Bugfixes for some important issues.
  • Pulled latest translations.

Below we provide much more detail. These are by no means exhaustive, view the git log for complete information.

Details of changes

  • Prevent local TM from crashing if elasticsearch is unavailable. elasticsearch version must now be 1.6.0 at most.
  • Prevent regular users from seeing disabled projects translation stats.
  • If disabled, do not the display contact form on sign in and sign up.
  • Fixed regression for admin users on export view.
  • Fixed issue with translatable extraction tools that prevented several texts from being translated.
  • Pulled latest translations.

…and cleanups, improved documentation.


This release was made possible by the following people:

Dwayne Bailey, Leandro Regueiro, Julen Ruiz Aizpuru, Ryan Northey, Taras Semenenko.

And to all our bug finders, testers and translators, a Very BIG Thank You.