Welcome to the new Pootle 2.7.3

Released on 27 April 2016

Bugfix release for 2.7.2.

Major Changes

  • Several critical security fixes that prevent potential XSS attacks
  • Pootle no longer supports the MySQL’s MyISAM database backend, users are strongly encouraged to convert their database to InnoDB.
  • The editor for static pages now highlights the content’s markup and displays a live preview.
  • Added support for Elasticsearch-based external Translation Memory servers.
  • Changed connection logic and added checks for misconfigured Translation Memory servers.
  • Significant speed up when importing files.

Below we provide much more detail. These are by no means exhaustive, view the git log for complete information.

Changes not reported on previous releases

There are some changes that haven’t being reported on their corresponding release notes at the time:

  • In release 2.7.0 support was dropped for allowing to allow users to specify their preferred UI language on Pootle. Pootle now uses the preferred languages as reported by the user’s browser and falls back to English if the specified languages can’t be used. See Setting language preferences in a browse for more information. The ability to specify Pootle UI language will be added back (issue 4230).

Details of changes

  • Several critical security fixes that prevent potential XSS attacks
  • Store update has been refactored which has brought a significant speed up when importing files.
  • Static pages and announcements:
    • The editor for static pages now highlights the content’s markup and displays a live preview of the rendered contents (issue 3346, issue 3766).
    • Project and language announcements are now also displayed on their respective overview pages.
  • Translation memory:
    • update_tmserver:
      • Renamed --overwrite to --refresh.
      • Translations from disabled projects must be explicitly included with --include-disabled-projects.
      • Added support for Elasticsearch-based external Translation Memory servers, which can be populated from translation files or directories on disk. This effectively brings the ability to display TM results from different TM servers, sorting them by their score.
      • Translations saved from Pootle now include a timestamp.
      • Fixed missing index error issue 4120.
      • The default TM server has been renamed to local. Make sure to adjust your settings.
      • Added a new WEIGHT option to raise or lower the TM results score for each specific TM server.
      • Added several checks to ensure this setting is not misconfigured.
    • Changed connection logic for Translation Memory servers to handle connection issues and misconfigurations on the settings.
  • Database:
  • Editor:
    • Non-critical checks can once again be muted/unmuted.
    • Fixed units sorting issue for admin users issue 4116.
  • Import/export and upload/download:
    • Fixed running export command without options.
    • Added a new --user to import to attribute changes to specified user on file import.
    • Ignore non project filetypes when uploading zip files issue 4124.
    • Only authenticated users with translate rights can upload translations.
    • Any authenticated user can now download translations.
    • Translations from Terminology project can now also be downloaded.
  • initdb:
    • Now has an --no-projects option to prevent creating the default projects at set up.
    • Now loads the translations for the default projects and languages and triggers their stats calculation.
    • Doesn’t throw errors when accidentally being run more than once.
  • The Apertium MT backend has been dropped.
  • Report string errors form subject and body can be overriden.
  • Language managers can now edit their language’s special characters by using the Special Characters page accessible through the browse dropdown in the language overview page.
  • Added extra data to reports.
  • Added more languages for Yandex machine translation.
  • Fixed test_checks errors when being run with no options and without the --check option.
  • Pulled latest translations.

…and lots of refactoring, new tests, cleanups, improved documentation and of course, loads of bugs were fixed.


This release was made possible by the following people:

Julen Ruiz Aizpuru, Leandro Regueiro, Ryan Northey, Dwayne Bailey, Taras Semenenko.

And to all our bug finders, testers and translators, a Very BIG Thank You.