pomigrate2 aims to move an existing translation to a new version based on updated PO Template files automatically without user intervention. Therefore it is ideal for when you are migrating many languages or migrating from related but divergent products e.g. Mozilla to Firefox.


GNU Gettext:


pomigrate [options] <from> <to> <new templates>


from is a directory of existing PO files
to is the directory where the migrated PO files will be stored
new templates this is the directory that contains the PO Template files


-F, --use-fuzzy-matching
 use fuzzy algorithms when merging to attempt to match strings
-C, --use-compendium
 create and use a compendium built from the migrating files
-C, --use-compendium=COMPENDIUM
 use an external compendium during the migration
--no-wrap do not wrap long lines
--locale set locale for newly born files
-q, --quiet suppress most output
-p, --pot2po use pot2po instead of msgmerge to migrate


pomigrate2 makes use of the Gettext tools msgmerge or Translate Toolkit’s pot2po to perform its merging tasks.

It firstly finds all files with the same name and location in the <from> directory as in the <template> directory and copies these to the <to> directory. If there is no file in the <from> directory to match one needed by the <template> directory then it will msgcat all files in the <from> directory with the same name and copy them to the correct destination in the <to> directory. If all of that fails then msginit is used to initialise any missing PO files.

Lastly all the files in <to> are merged using msgmerge or pot2po. This process updates the files to match the layout and messages in <templates>. Optionally, by using --use-compendium, a compendium of all the translations in <from> can be created to be used in the final merge process.