Extracts all the source text from a directory of POT files or the target text from a directory of PO files, removing PO headers and optionally the accelerator keys.

If you want to use other tools to analyse the text within a translation project, then this is the tool for you. For example, you can use it to calculate word frequencies to create an initial glossary based on the pure source text.


  • GNU Gettext
  • sed


popuretext <-P pot-dir|po-dir> <file.txt> [accelerator]


pot-dir a directory containing POT files
po-dir a directory containing PO files
file.txt file that contains the output text
accelerator optional: accelerator marker to be removed from the text


popuretext -P pot pot.txt '&'

Extract all the source text from the pot directory and place it in the pot.txt file removing all occurrences of the & accelerator.

popuretext af af.txt

Extract all target text from the Afrikaans files in the af directory, placing the extracted text in af.txt. In this case we are not filtering any accelerator characters.