Ctrl+O Open a file
Ctrl+S Save the current file
Ctrl+W Close the current file
Ctrl+Q Quit Virtaal
Ctrl+P Show preferences dialog
Alt+Enter Show file properties and statistics
F11 Toggle fullscreen mode
Enter Move to next translation
Ctrl+Up Move to previous unit
Ctrl+Down Move to next unit
Ctrl+PgUp Move 10 units up
Ctrl+PgDown Move 10 units down
Ctrl+F, F3 Search
Ctrl+G Move to next search match
Ctrl+Shift+G Move to previous search match
Alt+Left Select previous placeable
Alt+Right Select next placeable
Alt+Down Copy the source or selected placeable to the target
Shift+Enter Enter a new line
Ctrl+Enter Mark unit with marker “Needs work” as “Translated” and go to the next unit
Ctrl+Shift+Enter Mark unit as “Needs work” and go to the next unit
Ctrl+Z Undo the last change
Ctrl+1 Use the first translation suggestion (use Ctrl+2, etc. for others)
F8 Show/Hide checks
F9 Show/Hide translation suggestions
Ctrl+T Add a term to the local terminology file
Right click on selection Access external look-up features

See the tips and tricks page for more usage tips.