Virtaal Features

Virtaal has many features for beginners and advanced users.

Ideal for Beginners

Virtaal is perfect for the new member on your team:

  • Simple and intuitive layout
  • Colour highlighting
  • Quality checks
  • Displays comments from programmers and previous translators
  • Displays context (like msgctxt in PO)
  • Easy way to look-up selected text on the web
  • Tutorial and guide for localisation available from the Help menu

Productive Environment

Virtaal will make you more productive

  • Fast and easy navigation within the file
  • Auto-correction of common mistakes
  • Auto-completion of long words
  • Automatic sensing of the initial cursor position
  • Copying original string to target string taking your language’s punctuation rules into account
  • Highlighting and copying placeables from the source text
  • Easily find your work by moving between the units that are untranslated or fuzzy
  • Automatically update the PO header when saving
  • Terminology help. Suggestions can come from:
  • Reuse existing translations. Suggestions can come from:
    • The current file
    • Alternative translations (previous msgid in PO, or alt-trans in XLIFF)
    • Previously saved translations
    • A team / office TM server
    • A tinyTM server
    • Amagama
  • Machine translation

Wide Format Support

Virtaal supports many file formats:

  • Gettext (.po and .mo)
  • XLIFF (.xlf)
  • TMX
  • TBX
  • WordFast TM (.txt)
  • Qt Linguist (.ts)
  • Qt Phrase Book (.qph)
  • OmegaT glossary (.tab and .utf8)


  • Search and replace with regular expressions and Unicode normalisation
  • Spell checking for translation and original text
  • Word and string based translation statistics in file properties
  • Uses language codes from ISO 639-1 if available, or otherwise from ISO 639-3. Arbitrary IETF language tags as described in BCP 47 can be used.
  • Export .po files to .mo
  • Support for inverse colour schemes for accessibility.
  • Designed to also work well on small screens.
  • Debug compiled application translations by opening .mo and .qm files directly
  • Platform independence means you can run Virtaal on Windows, Linux, Mac OSX and probably other systems as well.
  • Native window dialogs on Gnome, KDE, Windows and OSX