Pootle FS

Pootle FS is Pootle’s integration with version control plugin systems. It allows Pootle to synchronize with an external repository containing your translations, keep them synchronised and manage and resolve any conflicts either automatically or via user input.


Pootle FS is considered beta in Pootle 2.8.0. We’d love you to try it out but please be aware that if you are basing production installs on Pootle FS that you can expect changes that might require manual intervention.


  • Allow Pootle data to be stored on version control systems
  • Abstract version control systems into a standard method across all systems
  • Ensure that we don’t lose any data
  • Ensure that changes made on Pootle and the filesystem can seamlessly move from one to the other

Core concepts

Stores and files
Pootle contains stores of translation units. The filesystem contains files.
Tracked and untracked
When a store is associated with a file, it is tracked, if it is not yet associated then it is untracked. And vice versa.
Tracked and untracked files and stores will be in various states depending on a number of things. Have they just appeared, have they changed, have they been removed, etc.
Based on the states we can determine what actions might be applicable to the stores and files.
We use Pootle FS commands to stage an action. Staging is not execution of those actions but merely preparing these actions for execution.
This is the act of executing the staged actions.

Understanding operations

At any time we are able to query the state of Pootle FS using fs state command. The results of this operation will indicate if there are any actions you need to specify to resolve any conflicts or if there are untracked files.

You specify Actions that need to be taken to resolve conflicts or to ensure that files are tracked. This could be adding a file, removing a file or merging conflicting translations. This is the process of staging actions.

The final step is to synchronise Pootle and your filesystem. This operation takes your staged actions and executes them.

What is a filesystem

A filesystem is actually itself a Pootle FS plugin. Currently two exist:

  1. localfs - allowing synchronization with the filesystem on which Pootle is running
  2. git - synchronization with a Git repository

You can write a plugin for any version control system, Pootle FS will ensure that the same commands and operations are used to ensure Pootle and your filesystem stay synchronized.

How does Pootle FS relate to update_stores/sync_stores


Read this if you have used previous versions of Pootle.

Previous versions of Pootle made use of two commands, update_stores and sync_stores, to allow translations to be pushed into Pootle or pulled from Pootle.

These two commands still exist but we will be phasing these out in the long term to make everything use Pootle FS.

You can find an outline of how to use Pootle FS on your existing Pootle projects in the adding a Pootle FS managed project instructions.

Once you are familiar with Pootle FS you can start migrating your projects to Pootle FS.