Install Pootle FS plugins for VCS

To work with VCS systems Pootle FS requires some additional packages and configuration.


Pootle FS is considered beta in Pootle 2.8.0. We’d love you to try it out but please be aware that if you are basing production installs on Pootle FS that you can expect changes that might require manual intervention.

Install the Pootle FS plugins

Pootle FS provides support for different VCS systems through plugins, so in order to work with a specific VCS it is necessary to install its plugin. For examples for Git:

  • Install the plugin:

    (env) $ pip install --process-dependency-links Pootle[git]
  • Add the plugin to INSTALLED_APPS:

    INSTALLED_APPS += ['pootle_fs_git']

This is done once for the whole Pootle server.

Next steps

Your project is now ready to use Pootle FS with the chosen VCS systems, you can now proceed to add a Pootle FS managed project.