Translate Toolkit 1.12.0

Released on 12 August 2014

This release contains many improvements and bug fixes. While it contains many general improvements, it also specifically contains needed changes and optimizations for the upcoming Pootle 2.6.0 and Virtaal releases.

It is just over 6 months since the last release and there are many improvements across the board. A number of people contributed to this release and we’ve tried to credit them wherever possible (sorry if somehow we missed you).

Highlighted improvements

Major changes

  • Properties and DTD formats fix a number of issues

  • Massive code cleanup looking forward Python 3 compatibility

  • Important changes in development process to ease testing

Formats and Converters

  • Mozilla properties

    • If a unit has an associated access key entry then these are combined into a single unit

    • Encoding errors are now reported early to prevent them being masked by subsequent errors

    • Leading and trailing spaces are escaped in order to avoid losing them when using the converters

    • The \uNN characters are now properly handled

    • po2prop Now uses the source language accesskey if translation is missing

    • Fixed conversion of successive Gaia plural units in prop2po

  • DTD

    • The & entity is automatically expanded when reading DTD files, and escaped back when writing them

    • Underscore character is now a valid character in entity names

    • Nonentities at end of string are now correctly handled

    • po2dtd:

      • Now uses the source language accesskey if target accesskey is missing

      • Doesn’t remove stray & as they probably &

  • HTML

    • The HTML5 figcaption tag is now localizable

    • The title attribute is now localizable

    • po2html now retains the untranslated attributes

  • Accesskeys

    • Now accesskeys are combined using the correct case

    • Added support for accesskey after ampersand and space

  • PHP

    • Fall back to default dialect after adding every new unit

    • Added support for empty array declaration when it is filled later

  • Android

    • Added support for plurals

    • Text is now properly escaped when using markup

  • Qt Linguist (.ts)

    • The message id attribute is added to contextname

    • Files now output the XML declaration (issue 3198)

  • RC

    • RC format received some bugfixes and now ignores TEXTINCLUDE sections and one line comments (//)


    • xliff2po now supports files with .xliff extension

  • OS X .strings

    • Added support for UTF-8 encoded OS X strings

  • Testing

    • Added new tests for the UTF-8 encoded OS X strings, Qt linguist and RC formats and the rc2po converter

Version Control improvements

  • Added support for Subversion .svn directories


  • Added specific checks for LibreOffice


  • The pocount tool has now a better counting algorithm for things that look like XML

Mozilla tooling fixes

  • Added support to check for bad accesskeys in .properties files

  • Now the Mozilla roundtrip script can be silently run

  • Added a new Gaia roundtrip script

  • The buildxpi --disable-compile-environment option has been restored, resulting in huge speed improvements


  • Extensive cleanup of setup script

  • Some bugfixes for placeables

  • Misc docs cleanups

  • Recovered diff-match-patch to provide support for old third party consumers

  • Minor change in placeables to correctly insert at an existing parent if appropriate

  • Code cleanups:

    • Applied tons of PEP8 and style guide cleanups

    • Python 2.6 is our new minimum:

      • Removed lots of code used to support old Python versions

      • Dropped custom code in favor of Python standard libraries

      • Updated codebase to use newer libraries

      • Changed code to use newer syntax seeking Python 3 compatibility

    • Updated some third party bundled software: CherryPy, BeautifulSoup4

    • Added document to track licenses used by third party bundled code

    • Removed TODO items. Some of them were moved to the bug tracker

  • Development process:

    • Added a functional test framework

    • Added dozens of new unit and functional tests

    • Expanded the tasks performed in Travis: pep8, pytest-xdist, compile all files,, …

…and loads of general code cleanups and of course many many bugfixes.


This release was made possible by the following people:

Dwayne Bailey, Jerome Leclanche, Leandro Regueiro, Khaled Hosny, Javier Alfonso, Friedel Wolff, Michal Čihař, Heiki Ojasild, Julen Ruiz Aizpuru, Florian Preinstorfer, damian.golda, Zolnai Tamás, Vladimir Rusinov, Stuart Prescott, Luca De Petrillo, Kevin KIN-FOO, Henrik Saari, Dominic König.

And to all our bug finders and testers, a Very BIG Thank You.