Translate Toolkit 3.13.0

Released on 22 April 2024

This release contains improvements and bug fixes.


Formats and Converters

  • PO

    • Fixed newlines handling in notes

    • Improved header handling

    • Avoid adding duplicate context when merging duplicates

  • LISA (Android, XLIFF,…)

    • Fixed possible issue with removing content

    • Automatically strip characters unsafe for XML

  • Properties

    • Fixed handling of escaped space

    • Improved escaping of control chars

    • Improved quoting performance

  • Subtitles

    • Updated aeidon compatibility

  • CSV

    • Improved converter CLI reference

Other changes

  • Compatibility with current pytest and setuptools.

  • Updated language definitions to include CLDR aliases.

  • Dropped unmatained Mozilla l10n scripts.


This release was made possible by the following people:

Michal Čihař, Aryaz Eghbali, Rihards Paskausks, Michal Karol, gemmaro