Cleanup translator comments

Translate Toolkit 1.1 saw source comments being converted to developer comments instead of translator comments.

This use case shows you how to get rid of the old translator comments.

The Change

We used to put all source comments into translator comments.

# Some Comment

But now place them in developer comments.

#. Some Comment

This ensures that these source comments are updated to the newest versions from the source files, which is a good thing. Translator comments survive these updates, just like you want, while developer comments are discarded.

If you don’t clean up your PO files you will now end up with:

# Some Comment
#. Some Comment

Thus a duplicated comment. Fortunately you only need to clean your PO files once.

Removing old translator comments


This will remove all your translator comments. So if you have some that you actually want to keep then you will need to manual editing

Removal is simple using pocommentclean:

pocommentclean my-po-dir

Which will clean all your PO files in my-po-dir

pocommentclean is simply a nice wrapper for this sed command:

sed -i "/^#$/d;/^#[^\:\~,\.]/d" $(find po -name "*.po")

This will delete all lines starting with # that are not used by PO for locations (#:), automatic/developer comments (#.), state (#,) and obsolete (#~).

You can now safely commit your changes and begin your migrations using pot2po of pomigrate2