Wiki Syntax

The Translate Toolkit can manage Wiki syntax pages. This is implemented as part of the text format and the conversion is supported in txt2po.

Those who edit wikis will appreciate that wiki text is simply a normal text document edited using a form of wiki syntax. Whether the final storage is a database or a flat file the part that a user edits is a simple text file.

The format does not support all features of the wiki syntax and will simply dump the full form if it doesn’t understand the text. But structures such as headers and lists are understood and the filter can remove these are correctly add them.

Supported Wiki Formats

The following is a list of the wikis supported together with a list of the items that we can process:

  • dokuwiki – heading, bullet, numbered list

  • MediaWiki – heading, bullet, numbered list

Possible uses

As part of a localisation process for a wiki this format and the filters could be used to provide a good localisation of existing wiki content.

With further enhancement the tool could probably be capable of converting from one wiki syntax to another, but that is of course not its main aim

Additional notes on MediaWiki

Media wiki can also export in XML format, see Special:Export and this however exports in XML so not directly usable by txt2po.

For importing please see Help:Import this is disabled on most wikis so not directly usable currently.