Qt Phrase Book (.qph)

Added in version 1.2.

Qt Linguist allows a translator to collect common phrases into a phrase book. This plays a role of glossary lookup as opposed to translation memory.


There is no formal definition of the format, although it follows a simple structure

    <definition>Optional definition</definition>

Missing features

There are no missing features in our support in the toolkit. The only slight difference are:

  • We don’t focus on adding and removing items, just updating and reading

  • Comments are not properly escaped on reading, they might be on writing

  • An XML header is output on writing while it seems that no files in the wild contain an XML header.

  • The <definition> is aimed at users, the toolkits addnote feature focuses on programmer, translators, etc comments while there is really only one source of comments in a .qph. This causes duplication on the offline editor.