PO Files

PO files use the file format of the Gettext tools.

See also

Gettext manual

Supported Features

  • Headers

  • Language header (since gettext version 0.17)

  • Plural forms and plural form handling

  • Message context

    msgctxt "noun"
    msgid "View"
    msgstr ""
  • Normal comments

    # this is another comment
  • Automatic comments

    #. comment extracted from the source code
  • Source location comments

    #: sourcefile.xxx:35
  • Typecomments

    #, fuzzy
  • Msgidcomments, also known as KDE style comments as they are used by KDE for message disambiguation and comments to translators.


    Support for this is being phased out in favor of msgctxt.

    msgid "_: comment\n"
  • Obsolete messages

    #~ msgid "Blah"
    #~ msgstr "Bleeh"
  • Previous msgid

    #| msgid "previous message"
  • Previous msgctxt

    #| msgctxt "previous context"