Translate Toolkit 2.2.0

Released on 15 June 2017

This release contains many improvements and bug fixes.

Major changes

  • Avoid resolving external entities while parsing XML.

  • Improvements for Android, ts and resx formats.

  • Added support for PHP nested arrays.

  • Added Kabyle language

Detailed changes


  • Updated requirements.

  • Added pycountry recommended requirement for localized language names.

Formats and Converters

  • XML formats

    • Avoid resolving external entities while parsing.

  • Properties

    • Improved behavior for strings with no value.

  • Android resources

    • Improved newlines handling.

    • Strip leading and trailing whitespace.

  • PHP

    • Added support for nested named arrays and nested unnamed arrays.

  • ts

    • Handle gracefully empty location tag.

    • Encode po2ts output as UTF-8.

  • resx

    • Improved skeleton.

    • Fixed indent of the </data> elements.


  • Added Kabyle language.

API changes

  • Added functions to retrieve language and country ISO names.

  • If available, pycountry is used first to get language names translations.


  • Python 3 fixes

  • Added more tests

…and loads of general code cleanups and of course many many bugfixes.


This release was made possible by the following people:

Dwayne Bailey, Michal Čihař, Taras Semenenko, Leandro Regueiro, Rimas Kudelis, BhaaL, Muḥend Belqasem, Jens Petersen.

And to all our bug finders and testers, a Very BIG Thank You.