Translate Toolkit 1.2.0

Released on 24 November 2008

New formats

The toolkit now supports:

This allows reading, counting and working on these formats. The ts2po converter has not been changed so you will not be able to benefit from the new .ts support. However, you can use the format for translation memory, etc as its is now fully base class compliant.

Stats database change

There were some changes in the database used by pocount for storing statistics. The location of the database might also have changed, depending on what the last version is that you used. Remove the file stats.db from any of ~/.translate_toolkit, ~/.wordforge (or the corresponding directories on your Windows installation.

Valid accelerators

The pofilter accelerator test is now able to make use of a list of valid accelerators. This allows translators to control the behaviour of the test for their language and add or remove characters that can be used as accelerators. Please define the valid accelerators for your language and these will then be included in future releases of the toolkit. By default the old process is followed so that if you take no action then this check will continue to work as expected.


These are branches that contain quite invasive changes that will most likely be merged into the main development and be released sometime in the future.


Converting the current Python based PO parser to the Gettext C based parser for PO. This offers quite a dramatic speed improvement and conformance to the output found in Gettext itself. For most users there will be a number of changes in layout of the files as they will now conform fully to Gettext layout. The ‘keep’ option in --duplicatestyle will no longer be supported as this is not valid Gettext output.