Translate Toolkit 2.0.0

Released on 27 January 2017

This release contains many improvements and bug fixes. While it contains many general improvements, it also specifically contains needed changes and optimizations for the upcoming Pootle 2.8.0 and Virtaal releases.

Major changes

  • Python 3 compatibility thanks to Claude Paroz

  • Dropped support for Python 2.6

  • Support for new l20n format

  • Translate Toolkit can now easily be installed on Windows

  • Changes in storage API to expose a more standardized API

Detailed changes

Python 3 support

  • Translate Toolkit went through a massive code cleanup looking forward Python 3 compatibility. There might be quirks that need to be fixed, so please test and report any issue you might find.

  • Python 3.3-3.5 is now supported.


  • lxml requirement was raised to 3.5.0 in order to simplify code.

  • Updated and pinned requirements

  • Removed misleading extra requirements files

Formats and Converters

  • PO

    • msgid comments (KDE style) are only parsed from msgid now.

    • Fixed parsing of PO files with first entry in unicode

    • Fixed parsing of locations with percent char


    • Unaccepted ASCII control characters are now escaped in XLIFF

  • DTD

    • Newlines are now skipped when parsing (issue 3390).

    • Invalid ampersands are not scrubbed anymore.

    • label+accesskey is now only extracted if it is not followed by space.

  • Properties

    • Keys can contain delimiters if they are properly wrapped (issue 3275).

    • Fix control characters escaping for utf-8 encoding.

    • po2prop removes fully untranslated units if required

    • po2prop skips first entry in PO file (issue 3463)

  • Mozilla .lang

    • {ok} marker is now more cleanly removed

    • Always output last unit followed by trailing newlines

    • Added support for headers and tag comments

    • MAX_LENGTH is now parsed into comment

    • File line endings are now remembered, defaulting to Unix LF

  • Mozilla’s l20n

    • Added this new format storage class

    • Added variants and traits support

    • Added new converters l20n2po and po2l20n

  • Android

    • Unknown locales no longer produce failures.

    • Simplify newlines handling as the format now handles n and newline equally (issue 3262)

    • Moved all namespaces to <resources> element.

    • Simplified newlines handling

  • ODF

  • ts

    • XML declaration is written with double quotes.

    • Self-closing for ‘location’ elements are not output anymore.

  • JSON

    • Output now includes a trailing newline.

    • Unit ordering is maintained (issue 3394).

    • Added --removeuntranslated option to po2json

  • YAML

    • YAML format support has been added.

  • txt

  • ical

    • Enabled this format for Python 3 too.

  • TermBase eXchange (TBX)

    • tbx2po converter added

    • Added basic support for Parts of Speech and term definitions.

  • Fixed error when writing back to the same file (issue 3419).

Filters and Checks

  • Added the ability to skip some checks for some languages in specific checkers

  • accelerators check reports an error if accelerator is present for several Indic languages in MozillaChecker checker.

  • Added l20nChecker to do custom checking for Mozilla’s new l20n format.

  • LibreOffice checker no longer checks for Python brace format (issue 3303).

  • LibreOffice validxml check correctly matches self-closing tags.

  • Numbers check now handles non latin numbers. Support for non latin numbers has been added for Arabic, Assamese, Bengali and Persian languages.

  • Fixed issue that prevented standard checks from being used in Pootle with default settings.

  • Fixed missing attribute warning displayed when using GnomeChecker, LibreOfficeChecker and MozillaChecker checkers.

  • Added language specific RomanianChecker.


  • posegment now correctly segments Japanese strings with half width punctuation sign (issue 3280).

  • pocount now outputs csv header in one line. It also outputs using color.

  • buildxpi was adjusted to current Mozilla needs


  • Fixed plural form for Montenegro, Macedonian, Songhay, Tajik, Slovenian and Turkish.

  • Added plural forms for Bengali (Bangladesh), Konkani, Kashmiri, Sanskrit, Silesian and Yue (Cantonese).

  • Added valid accelerators for Polish.

  • Renamed Oriya to Odia.

  • Altered Manipuri name to include its most common name Meithei.

  • Added language settings for Brazilian Portuguese.

  • Added Danish valid accelerators characters (issue 3487).

  • Added additional special characters for Scottish Gaelic.


  • Fixed Inno Setup builds allowing to easily install Translate Toolkit on Windows using the pip installer. Commands are compiled to .exe files.

  • Updated installation instructions for Windows

API changes

  • Dropped translate.misc.dictutils.ordereddict in favor of collections.OrderedDict.

  • Added encoding handling in base TranslationStore class exposing a single API.

  • Encoding detection in TranslationStore has been improved.

  • Standardized UnitClass definition across TranslationStore subclasses.

  • translate.misc.multistring.multistring:

    • Fixed list coercion to text

    • Fixed comparison regression with multistrings (issue 3404).

    • Re-added str method (issue 3428).

    • Fixed __hash__ (issue 3434).

API deprecation

  • Passing non-ASCII bytes to the multistring class has been deprecated, as well as the encoding argument to it. Applications should always construct multistring objects by passing characters (unicode in Python 2, str in Python 3), not bytes. Support for passing non-ASCII bytes will be removed in the next version.

  • TxtFile.getoutput() and dtdfile.getoutput() have been deprecated. Either call bytes(<file_instance>) or use the file_instance.serialize() API if you need to get the serialized store content of a TxtFile or dtdfile instance.


  • Dropped support for Python 2.6 since it is no longer supported by the Python Foundation. Sticking to it was making us difficult to maintain code while we move to Python 3.

  • Misc docs cleanups.

  • Added more tests.

  • Increased Python code health.

  • Legacy, deprecated and unused code cleansing:

    • Dropped code for no longer supported Python versions.

    • Removed unused code from various places across codebase.

    • The legacy was removed.

    • The deprecated was removed and replaced by the class method.

    • Python scripts are now available via console_scripts entry point, thus allowing to drop dummy files for exposing the scripts.

…and loads of general code cleanups and of course many many bugfixes.


This release was made possible by the following people:

Claude Paroz, Leandro Regueiro, Dwayne Bailey, Michal Čihař, Taras Semenenko, Ryan Northey, Stuart Prescott, Kai Pastor, Julen Ruiz Aizpuru, Friedel Wolff, Hiroshi Miura, Thorbjørn Lindeijer, Melvi Ts, Jobava, Jerome Leclanche, Jakub Wilk, Adhika Setya Pramudita, Zibi Braniecki, Zdenek Juran, Yann Diorcet, Nick Shaforostoff, Jaka Kranjc, Christian Lohmaier, beernarrd.

And to all our bug finders and testers, a Very BIG Thank You.