Translate Toolkit 0.11

Released on 24 March 2007

po2oo defaults to not check for errors

In po2oo we made the default --filteraction=none i.e. do nothing and don’t warn. Until we have a way of clearly marking false positives we’ll have to disable this functionality as there is no way to quiet the output or mark non errors. Also renamed exclude to exclude-all so that it is clearer what it does i.e. it excludes ‘all’ vs excludes ‘serious’.

pofilter xmltags produces less false positives

In the xmltags check we handle the case where we had some false positives. E.g. “<Error>” which looks like XML/HTML but should actually be translated. These are handled by

  1. identifying them as being the same length as the source text,

  2. not containing any ‘=’ sign. Thus the following would not be detected by this hack. “An <Error> occurred” -> “<Error name=”bob”>”, but these ones need human eyes anyway.