Translate Toolkit 0.10

Released on 29 August 2006

PO to XLIFF conversion

Conversion from PO to XLIFF is greatly improved in 0.10 and this was done according to the specification at – please let us know if there are features lacking.

pot2po can replace msgmerge

pot2po has undergone major changes which means that it now respects your header entries, can resurrect obsolete messages, does fuzzy matching using Levenshtein distance algorithm, will correctly match messages with KDE style comments and can use an external Translation Memory. You can now use pot2po instead of Gettext’s msgmerge and it can also replace pomigrate2. You may still want to use pomigrate2 if there where file movements between versions as pot2po can still not do intelligent matching of PO and POT files, pomigrate2 has also been adapted so that it can use pot2po as it background merging tool.

pomigrate2 --use-compendium --pot2po <old> <pot> <new>

This will migrate file with a compendium built from PO files in <old> and will use pot2po as its conversion engine.

.properties pretty formatting

When using templates for generating translated .properties files we will now preserve the formatting around the equal sign.

# Previously if the template had
property     =      value
# We output
# We will now output
property     =      translation

This change ensures that there is less noise when checking differences against the template file. However, there will be quite a bit of noise when you make your first .properties commits with the new pretty layout. Our suggestion is that you make a single commit of .properties files without changes of translations to gt the formatting correct.